OSU – Open Source University

Below is a video presentation that was given in 2006 by Rice University Engineering Professor Richard Baraniuk at the TED conference in Monterey, CA. Professor Baraniuk is founder of Connexions, a free, open-source, global clearinghouse of course materials that allows teachers to quickly “create, rip, mix and burn” coursework — without fear of copyright violations. Think of it as Napster for education. I think this is well worth 18 minutes of our time, since we all have an interest in education for ourselves, our children, and our peers. When you’re done, a challenge.

Now for the challenge … I’d like you to consider what this approach would do for the ASIC Intellectual Property industry, if we could all collaborate to create, rip, mix, and burn design IP under user friendly legal terms such as Creative Commons.

What do you think?

harry the ASIC guy

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