VMM on Questa & IUS Redux? Anything New Here?

Considering what I’ve been hearing about the status of the Accellera VIP Subcommitee activity regarding OVM / VMM integration, I was rather surprised to see the following synchronized press releases from Mentor and Cadence yesterday:

As I understand, the Accellera VIP Subcommittee has just recently begun tackling the real crux issues regarding integrating the 2 methodologies such as:

  • Casting of disparate types
  • Synchronization of the simulation phases
  • Message reporting

My speculation is that Mentor and Cadence are just now formally announcing the availability of the “fixed up” VMM code that had previously leaked out in a blog post by JL Gray.

Does anyone out there know what’s really in this release? It would be good to hear directly from the vendors on this.

How about OVM on VCS? Has anybody been able to get that working?

harry the ASIC guy

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2 Responses to “VMM on Questa & IUS Redux? Anything New Here?”

  1. Mark Glasser says:

    Harry, the Mentor port of VMM to run on Questa has been available on
    the Mentor website since shortly after Synopsys released VMM under the
    Apache-2.0 license. It was never a secret. The kit that we released
    this week enables people using OVM to interoperate with VMM. Cadence
    has released a kit with similar functionality. Having both of these
    kits available will aid the work in the Accellera VIP-TSC
    (Verification IP Technical Subcommittee). The Accellera committee can
    benefit from the real world vetting each of these solutions receives.
    They will be able to build a standard that draws from the best of

  2. Adam Sherer says:

    Hello Harry,

    I’ll echo Mark’s comments. I also put up a blog with some Q/A regarding the postings at: http://www.cadence.com/Community/blogs/fv/archive/2008/12/04/vmm-users-welcome-to-the-ovm.aspx?postID=13190

    We also had some comments in the LinkedIn group “OVM Professionals Network”.

    =Adam Sherer

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