2009 New Years Resolutions

Back in March when I launched this blog, my goal was “to share my insights into the people aspects of ASIC engineering”. Now, 10 months and 50 posts later, with the start of 2009, it’s time to take stock and make some 2009 New Years Resolutions.  Here we go:

#1 – I resolve to write shorter and more frequent posts. – Specifically, my goal is to provide a new post 2 times a week and most of them will take less than 5 minutes to read.  By doing this, I hope to be more responsive to what is going on in the industry and provide fresher content. Once in a while I’ll still put up a lengthy post, but that will be the exception.

#2 – I resolve to enable some sort of online community  – So far, the conversation has been mostly from me to you (the readers) and occasionally between the you (through comments). I’d like to get us all involved in doing something meaningful and important in the industry. I’ve had this idea for a while that I called “the ASIC guild” that would be a community of ASIC designers helping each other access career training and job opportunities. With all the layoffs in the industry lately, I think this is very timely. Look for something real soon, but I will need a lot of help. So please let me know if you are interested in helping.

#3 – SaaS for EDA Roundtable – Over the last few months, I’ve blogged quite a bit on the idea of Software-as-a-Service for EDA. A fellow blogger suggested that I organize a roundtable discussion on this topic and I am shooting for DVCON (Feb 24-26) to hold this.  This will also require your help, so please let me know if you are interested in helping to organize or be a part of this.

What do you all think?  Are these the right things to shoot for in 2009?

harry the ASIC guy

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9 Responses to “2009 New Years Resolutions”

  1. John Ford says:

    #2 – I resolve to enable some sort of online community

    This is something I’ve wanted to do from the beginning. I’ve discussed it with some others, but there is a lot of hesitation surrounding the more ‘legal’ aspects, if I may, of such a venture, especially when it comes to having integrated blogs, with all those opinions flying around.

    I myself have a DFT Forum, loosely linked with DFT Digest, and it gets DFT-level traffic (read ‘not a lot’), but it’s there, and people get their questions answered for the most part.

    The original idea, in my head, was for the same thing as DFT Digest/Forum, at an EDA level. But it will take a inter-disciplinary effort from a few people. And BTW, though it’s not the primary goal, if you look at other blog communities, you can be paid back for your efforts, if you do it right 🙂


  2. JohnB says:

    I’m also interested in online community, so keep me in the loop. I’ve discussed it a bit with JohnF before and do like the potential of something like his DFT Forum being extended to other areas of EDA.

  3. Sean Murphy says:

    I would join forces with Janick Bergeron on his Verification Guild and help extend that to other areas. It’s much easier to help something grow than start another from scratch. The enablers are critical mass of members and compelling content and he has already cultivated both in the Verification Guild.

    I am glad that you have picked up on my suggestion for a SaaS roundtable, although on-line may prove to be a better venue than DVCon.

    We’ve done two roundtables on SaaS in the last two years–neither specifically focused on EDA–one on “Rapid Release Cycles” and one on “VARS in the SaaS World.” You can take a look at http://www.skmurphy.com/services/workshops

    You might take a look at a recent interview we did with Mr. Lenkov from SiteKreator where he explains how he re-organized his small but global firm to put out a new software release every day. It’s here

  4. John Eaton says:

    #2 – I resolve to enable some sort of online community

    The trick is figuring out how to do this. Usenet groups are still around and offer a easy forum to ask questions and start discussions. But they tend
    to get spammed and harvested.

    Blogs are nice but tend to be one-way conversations. There are a ton of websites out there if you can find them.

    I want a site where asic designers can hang out and swap tips and techniques and ask questions.

    Second Life anyone?

    John Eaton

  5. Interesting. I have a blog of my own and in the process of trying couple of new things myself but i think partnerships make a lot of difference.

  6. Jeremy Ralph says:

    Hi Harry,

    I’m interested in contributing to your ASIC guild. Would you use something like PHP-Nuke, or phpBB, like http://VerificationGuild.com, and http://www.vmmcentral.org/forums/ use, or would it be more custom? I guess another idea would be to use a wiki.

    Your blog has been an inspiration to me and I enjoy reading your posts.
    I’m thinking of starting (actually restarting) my own blog now too.

    You SaaS for EDA round-table is something I’m excited to participate in. Not sure if I’ll make DVCon this year though.


  7. harry says:

    Hi all,

    I’m somewhat overwhelmed by the positive response to my 2nd resolution to build an online community. There must be a real need / desire out there. Please keep the suggestions coming.

    I’ll need to sit down and consider all your feedback. I don’t want to reinvent what is already working (forums) and I do want to try to connect the best stuff out there. If we can build a mesh that connect the best of the best, that would be really cool.

    I’d also like to do something that fills a void. With all the layoffs lately, I think there is a real need for the displaced to access training materials (and even tools) to increase and broaden their skills. A catalog of free / inexpensive online training would be helpful and we could easily collaborate that using a Wiki. I’ve also initiated some discussions with the EDA folks to try to get them to open classes if space permits and have an inside advocate pleading the case. We’ll see how that goes.

    Thanks again,


  8. John Ford says:

    Wow – a spark of interest! I wish I were able to garner that with one mention… but then you know how it goes (DFT phzbzztphbzzt… and the room clears)


    But seriously, there are certainly plenty of tools available to choose from – forums, wikis, blogs, second life (hey, why not?) And everyone will have a preferred place to hang.

    Some will exchange info through forums – a very good place for real time collaboration. Some will enjoy helping build up the collective knowledge stored in a wiki. Some will want to post their opinion in a blog. Others will want to debate those opinions. Some will want to play in all these areas. It’s all good.

    To me, there can’t be one right tool for everyone. But a network (or mesh, as you say) of those tools would attract folks from all M.O.’s – and that’s how you gather your critical mass. I think it would be a mistake to just glom onto something like verification guild, just because it happens to have been around longest. It’s a strong constellation in the online EDA universe, but not necessarily central to it.


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