Enough Already !!!

OK.  This will be short and sweet!

The poll I set up the other day was getting interesting and meaningful responses related to the verification methodologies being used. FORTUNATELY, I saved a snapshot of this data as it was coming in.

UNFORTUNATELY, I apparently did not do enough due diligence with respect to the Doodle site and neglected to realize that there is a way to vandalize the data.  Apparently, that is what started happening later in the day, to the point where this has now become a poll-war between the forces of OVM and the forces of VMM.  I won’t go so far as to name names, but you know who you are.

I feel bad for those who provided honest data.  Thank you for doing so and having faith in this poll. I have a snapshot that I feel is reasonably uncorrupted and I will still publish those results once I remove data that I feel was not entered in good faith.

I may have a way to find out if any of the EDA vendors were involved in this vandalism, so I encourage you to chill out and not make it any worse.

And if you were involved … GROW UP!!!

harry the ASIC guy

2 Responses to “Enough Already !!!”

  1. KarenB says:

    Dear Harry,

    All I can say is, “Welcome to the Standards Game”.

    Best regards,

  2. Dave says:

    Hi Harry,

    I am one of the moderators on ovmworld.org. You would not believe all the malicious spam that came through the forum until we turned on all the safeguards available. And take a look at vmmcentral.org today. These are people with either too much time on their hands, or people who are being paid to sabotage the web at large.

    Even what seems to be legitimate voting, can be skewed by organizations who are crafty at promoting people to the voting web site.

    A better way to poll is to take a random sample of a neutral population (like DVCon attendees) or to ask people to register for poll by asking a few simple screening questions first, before they know what they are voting on. They won’t know which screening questions will qualify/disqualify them.


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