Update on SaaS/Cloud Roundtable & DVCon Day 1

I’d like to update you on some new panel members for the SaaS and Cloud Computing EDA Roundtable and also give you some highlights from DVCon Day 1.

As previously reported, the roundtable will be held on Wednesday Feb 25th at 6:30pm in the Monterey/Carmel Rooms. We’ve picked up 2 additional panelists, Jean Brouwers and Bill Guthrie. Jean is an EDA industry veteran heavily into cloud computing and SaaS. Bill is Executive Vice President and Co-founder of Numetrics, a company that delivers its products using the SaaS model. This brings the total number of panelists to 7, so we should have many perspectives represented.

Here’s an update on DVCon Day 1:

Attendance at DVCon is down significantly this year. I don’t have exact numbers, but I’ve heard estimates on the order of half of last year. (Correction: By Day 3, there were 650 attendees which is ~80% of last year). Obviously the economy is a big factor. The exhibits session was probably 75% vendors and 25% attendees.

Lunch for approximately 150 attendees was sponsored by Accellera and included an overview of ongoing committee activities.and some informal polls on usage of Accleera standards. According to David Lin’s estimates OVL: 25%, UCIS: 40%, UPF: 10%, AMS: 2%, ITC: 5%, OCI: 2%, VHDL: 15%, SV: 80%, PSL: 10%. At one point the audience was asked how many had participated in the recent OVL survey and 1 person raised his hand.

I did not attend either the morning or afternoon tutorials due to work commitments in the morning and time spent at the exhibits in the afternoon. Some of the companies I spent time with include Gate Rocket, Achilles Test, and Synopsys. I’ll have some write ups on some of these visits shortly.

Finally, you can follow some of the live action on Twitter.

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