5 Degrees Of Consultant Twiteration

There is a consultant working with one of my clients with whom I’ve developed a good working relationship. Today he came by and asked me if I knew of someone to help on another project with a different client. The area of expertise, board design, was not one that I had a lot of contacts. So I decided to Twitter the opportunity:

13:20pm harrytheASICguy: Friend has short term need to design a board for cons elec startup in SoCal. Contact me if you r interested. Please retweet.

The post got retweeted 3 times (to my knowledge). At 7:55pm I got a reference to a board designer and hooked him up with my consultant buddy.

The request came from (1) the customer to (2) my buddy to (3) me to (4) another guy who recommended (5) the board designer. I don’t know the guy or if he’ll get the job or work out, but the speed with which a qualified candidate was identified was remarkable. Just slightly more than 4 1/2 hours. Of course, it would have been a lot less if I had more board design followers on Twitter, and that is the point.

Twitter, for all of its annoyances (and there are many), provides the fastest way to communicate to a large audience today. For identifying possible candidates to fill job opportunities, permanent or temporary, Twitter seems ideally suited.

So, if you are one of the unlucky ones to be looking for another job or another client, you need to get on Twitter. Here are 20 Tips to Twitter Job Search Success. Good luck.

harry the ASIC guy

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2 Responses to “5 Degrees Of Consultant Twiteration”

  1. James Colgan says:

    Twitter’s turning into quite a utility with more tools sitting on top of it to make this type of communication more useful.
    At Xuropa we’ve created a Twitter electronic design news feed. Follow it at: Xuropa.
    At Xuropa we gather news and blogs from all over the electronic design industry and then send it out through this single twitter feed. Of course, we throttle publishing, but if we get requests to make this more realtime we can.

  2. Karen Chow says:

    That’s amazing that you were able to get such a good response from Twitter. I’ve actually never tried using Twitter for business-related reasons, but I use it as a tool to update my other social networking sites. I am thinking though of using Twitter to get more up to date news, and following more news-related sites.

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