Why I’m a Blogger and Not an EDA Idol

(WARNING: What you are about to hear is very disturbing. You may want to remove any children, pets, or small farm animals before listening to the audio in this blog post. You’ve been warned.)

Several years ago, I was driving home from a family vacation when I accidentally speed dialed my boss on the cell phone. His voice mail picked up just as I was singing in the car to my daughter. I had no idea what had occurred until a month later at a staff meeting when he got up in from of my team and my colleagues and played this audio track.

Now you know why I am not trying to become the next EDA Idol at this year’s Design Automation Conference!

Top BloggerFortunately, there is another tongue-in-cheek contest that I am honored to be part of, EDA’s Next Top Blogger.

In case you can’t make DAC this year, I’d like to introduce you to the fellow nominees because they are all great writers and experts in their domains. I encourage you to read these blogs and subscribe to the ones that you find valuable. And look beyond this list because there are many more out there.

Colin Warwick is a Product Marketing Manager at Agilent EEsof EDA group. Colin’s Signal Integrity blog is about signal integrity tips, tricks, and tutorial for multigigabit/s chip-to-chip data links. It includes videos (technical and humorous), tutorial articles, interactive calculators and polls, reviews, and product and event information.

John Busco is a Design Implementation Manager at NVidia. Blogging since 2005, John’s Semi-Blog shares high quality news and opinion about semiconductors and EDA. John is hands-on working in the trenches on the bleeding edge designs, so you can trust what he tells you.

Paul McLellan  has been an executive in EDA and Semiconductors with companies like VLSI Technologies, Compass, Ambit, Cadence,and on and on. His EDA Graffiti blog covers EDA and semiconductor, looking back to some history, analyzing the industry and looking where things are likely to end up. I always walk away from Paul’s blog posts with something to think about.

Daniel Nenni is also an EDA industry veteran with similarly impressive credentials. Although his Silicon Valley Blog is fairly new, Daniel writes like a verteran blogger, sharing his 25+ years of experience in semiconductor design and manufacture in an entertaining manner. He manages to share some of his personal life observations as well.

Karen Bartleson is Director of Community Marketing at Synopsys. Since November 2007, she has presented news, insights, and opinions on the topic of EDA standards in her ever popular The Standards Game blog. Karen is also spearheading Synopsys’ Conversation Central at DAC where you can exchange ideas with many of these same top bloggers (and many more) about how social media is changing the media landscape.

Frank Schirrmeister is Director of Product Marketing and System-Level Solutions at Synopsys. His A View From The Top blog is dedicated to System-Level Design and Embedded Software and deals with the technology and business aspects to get us to ESL and the next abstraction level eventually!

JL Gray is a hands-on verification consultant at Verilab. In his Cool Verification blog, which set the standard for independent blogging in EDA, JL shares this thoughts on hardware verification, the EDA industry, and related topics. JL spearheaded the EDA Blogger Birds-of-a-Feather session at DAC last year and sits on the ever popular Accellera Verification IP Technical Subcommittee.

I have 2 favors to ask. First, please check out some these wonderful bloggers (and some of the others you can find on David Lin’s EDA Blog Roll) who devote their evenings and weekends writing for free (well, about half of us) to bring you valuable information you can’t get anywhere else. Then, show your support by voting for your favorite blog and telling a friend or a co-worker about all this great content out there. Please vote for whoever you want, but remember, if I lose, I might have to sing next year. And you don’t want that!

(Note: The Denali site requires you to enter a Captcha phrase and also your valid email address in order to ensure that people only vote once. The email address WILL NOT be used for any other purpose, so please do not be dissuaded from voting because of this).

harry the ASIC guy

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10 Responses to “Why I’m a Blogger and Not an EDA Idol”

  1. Harry, you’re a much better singer than I am! When does your CD come out?

    Can’t wait to see you at DAC, my friend.

  2. mux says:


    You, Daniel and Paul simply stand out. i started with John Busco but now impatiently wait for you 3 to write something. The frequency with which are able to write “good” posts is amazing.

    keep posting!!
    “More than any other time in history mankind faces a crossroads. One
    path leads to despair and utter hopelessness, the other to total
    extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.
    -Woody Allen”

  3. harry says:

    Mux (is that your real name? If so, you were destined to be an engineer),

    I really appreciate you saying that.

    It’s interesting that you mention Daniel Nenni and Paul McLellan. I think we have similar backgrounds and similar perspectives and similar writing styles. Of course, they blow me away on high-level experience, but between us I think we cover the gamut of EDA (Paul – CEO, Daniel – Sales, Me – AE).

    To tell you the truth, I have not voted yet in the EDA Blogger poll. I’m torn between voting for myself for selfish reasons and voting for Paul, who I enjoy reading the most.

    – Harry

  4. mux says:


    The nonchalance with with you (good bloggers/writers) describe your feelings baffles me.

    “There are three principal ways to lose money: wine, women, and
    engineers. While the first two are more pleasant, the third is by far
    the more certain.”
    – Baron Rothschild

  5. Kwam says:

    Wow – You have some tough competition here! But your EDA idol demo tips it in your favor.. I’ll be voting for you unless one of your competitors posts something more revealing & entertaining! Yes, my vote can be bought!

    @mux.. The Rothschild quote in your footer made me chuckle!

  6. Daniel Nenni says:

    Hi Harry,

    Thank you for the honorable mention, you are very kind.

    I’m definitely the greatest EDA blogger of our time, but I’m much to humble to vote for myself so I will vote for you. But win or lose you have to promise not to sing.

    See you at DAC!


  7. John Busco says:

    Harry, thanks for the thoughtful summary and kinds words for your fellow bloggers. See you at DAC!


  8. Karthik says:

    Hello Harry,

    I put in my vote… 🙂 …Good luck..


  9. Gaurav Jalan says:

    Me too 🙂

  10. […] (with their customers), they have felt more comfortable blogging than design engineers. Many of the EDA bloggers are in marketing types of positions at their companies or are independent consultants like me, so […]

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