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I’m (Not) an IBMer Anymore

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

IBM NotI came across a tweet the other night that pointed me to a discussion on the EE Times forum regarding an editorial by Mark LaPedus a few weeks ago. The editorial states that “IBM Corp. has cut nearly 10,000 jobs this year, according to reports, although Big Blue still refuses to fess up to most of the layoffs.” Although IBM denies the reports and claims they are fabrications by union officials, the editorial adds fuel to the fire by stating that “for some time, the union has charged that IBM is cutting and outsourcing U.S. jobs, while quietly hiring in India.”

The comments in the discussion thread are very interesting and worth reading through. If you don’t have time, here’s a synopsis of the various opinions offered there:

  • We are in a jobless recovery and IBM is not the only company moving jobs offshore.
  • IBM is a corporation and their only obligation is to their shareholders. Outsourcing to India makes business sense so that is what they need to do.
  • “The sole function of a union is to keep their own jobs and breed a sense of entitlement and proliferate mediocrity.”
  • If it’s in the national interest to keep jobs and fabs here, then public funds should fund them.
  • Instead of blaming IBM, consider the high taxes and burdensome laws that favor outsourcing over keeping jobs in the US.
  • If you think IBM is doing the right thing, just wait till it’s your job being outsourced.
  • If this kind of off-shoring continues, we will wipe out the technological advantage we have in the US and you’ll need to move to another country to get a job.
  • Outsourcing “delivers worse results at lower costs”, and that’s what businesses want right now.
  • We, as consumers, are more concerned about the low prices we get at Walmart than the notion of “social justice.”
  • Instead of laying people off, cut out the big executive bonuses and perks.
  • Companies need to take care of all three groups - employees, customers, and shareholders. Otherwise employees can quit, customers can stop buying, and shareholders can sell.
  • Do companies owe anything to the communities where they are located or to the nations where they are headquartered?
  • Yes, they owe taxes!

Personally, I can see both sides, but what do you think? I’m especially interested to hear from any company execs who have decided against outsourcing and why that is.

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