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Quick Update On Verification Methodology Poll

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Quick update for everyone…

Regarding the Verification Methodology Poll I started the other day, I was able to go through the log files and identify the obvious malicious activity.  There was a string of deletes and changes of VMM votes to OVM/e votes. Then a string of deletes of OVM votes. I’m going to add back the original entries to make the data whole again.

In the meantime, the obvious malicious activity has subsided, and now there is only a trickle of clearly valid votes coming in. It’s just like listening for the popcorn to stop popping, when I see that the votes slow down to a certain rate, I’ll do my tallies and publish the results.

There have been questions raised regarding my motivations for doing this poll.  Some felt that I had some hidden agenda and some even thought that I was some sort of paid shill for one of the vendors. If you are a regular reader of my blog or if you know me, then you know that’s not true.  If you don’t know me, then ask around.

At the risk of sounding defensive, my goal was purely to conduct an “open” survey of the verification methodologies being used because this has been such a hot topic this past year, because DVCon is coming up and this would be good information, and because one of my readers suggested it and I thought it was a good idea.The idea of using Doodle was in order that everyone can view the raw data, something you rarely or never get to see when vendors and other organizations conduct polls and then release only the results that suit them best. In this way, anyone could analyze the raw data and draw the conclusions that made sense, and those conclusions could be challenged based on the raw data. The mistake I made was not realizing how easily those who, unlike me, actually had an agenda could vandalize the data.

There have also been questions raised regarding the validity of this poll and how “scientific” it is after all that has occurred. I think they are valid concerns and certainly, if I had to do this over again, I’d fix some things to prevent multiple voting and malicious behavior. Still, as I look at the interim results, they are similar to what I had expected. Each vendor lobbied their constituencies, so the playing field is level. It will be interesting to compare this result to DVCon surveys from the vendors, from DVCon itself, and from John Cooley to see if there is consistency.

Finally, to those of you who legitimately voted, I thank you for participating openly and I apologize that the results will always be subject to some doubt. I hope you don’t feel you wasted your time.

harry the ASIC guy

Verification Methodology Poll

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

In response to a recent post regarding the verification survey on the DVCon website, Jeremy Ralph of PDTi expressed that he’d “be interested to know what proportion of the SV is OVM vs. VMM”, a question that was missing from the survey. Considering the whole kerfuffle concerning OVM and VMM over the last year, I thought this would be a good question for you, the ones really using the tools. I also thought it would be a good opportunity to try out this new Doodle survey tool I was told about.

So … I created the first ASIC guy survey on Doodle. That was very easy as was casting my own vote. Now it’s your turn.


Feel free to leave a pseudonym if you wish to be anonymous. Make it funny, but keep it clean. And please don’t impersonate someone else.  I’ll know something is up if Aart votes for OVM :-)

Also, please let other people know about this poll and ask them to vote.  The more votes we have, the more accurate the survey results. And it would be really cool if we can get more respondents online than DVCon had in person.

If this works well, I’ll continue to do this every so often. Feel free to provide suggestions for future polls.

harry the ASIC guy

DVCon Survey Results - What Do They Mean?

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

I came across some interesting survey results from the 2007 and 2008 DVCon. Keep in mind, like with any survey, results are skewed based on attendees, which tend to be verification engineers who tend to be using the more advanced methods than the general population. Hence, I’d put more weight on the trends than on the absolute numbers.

1) Which is your primary design language?
                2007     2008
Verilog          56%      55%
VHDL              9%      10%
C/C++            13%      12%
SystemC           9%       8%
SystemVerilog    13%      15%

2 Which primary verification language do you use?
                2007     2008
C/C+             18%      18%
e                 7%       5%
OpenVera          4%       4%
Verilog          28%      25%
VHDL              7%       7%
System C         13%      11%
SystemVerilog    23%      30%

3) Which primary verification language do you plan to
use for your next design?
                2007     2008
C/C++            16%      15%
e                 5%       4%
OpenVera          1%       2%
Verilog          16%      16%
VHDL              4%       5%
SystemC          15%      11%
SystemVerilog    43%      47%

4) Which primary property specification (assertion-based
verification) language do you use?
                2007     2008
Verilog          31%      34%
VHDL              7%       6%
PSL              12%      10%
SVA              49%      50%


harry the ASIC guy

SaaS - With None of the Benefits

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

A friend just made me aware of a new “No EDA Tool Purchase” plan from Blue Pearl Software.

Hmmm …. sounds like Software-as-a-Service with none of the benefits for customer or vendor:

  • Customer still needs to generate a PO. (By old school thinking, that’s a way to “qualify” the customer.  New school, that’s a barrier to customers actually trying your tool).
  • Still need to install software at the customer’s site. (”What OS are you running? What version? Do you have the right version of ActiveTcl installed?” Ugh!!!)
  • Still need to incur the cost of travel. (Nuff said)
  • Have to get the work done in a 2-day fixed window (Is anything ever done in this short a timeframe? If not, then what?)
  • Have to schedule to when the AE is available, so customer can’t do this on a moment’s notice. (How does a month from now sound … Oh … never mind … AE is out that week … how about the following week).
  • Need to dedicate an AE full-time per customer. (What’s he do while the customer goes to meetings?)

Instead, why not:

  • make the software available online
  • let the designer upload his RTL and work from his desk
  • let the AE work remotely from his office

No PO required. No installation issues. No travel. Easy to schedule and staff and extend if needed. (See what Xuropa is doing). Heck, why not just sell the software that way while you’re at it.

Maybe I’m missing something.  Maybe someone from Blue Pearl wants to explain what the thinking behind this is.

And if you’re interested in topics like this, stay tuned for more on the upcoming SaaS EDA Roundtable at DVCon.

harry the ASIC guy

** FREE ** Conferences

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

How much would you pay to be in the audience for some of the most thought provoking conference presentations from some of the greatest minds in the world. Here’s your ticket.

It’s FREE … completely FREE.

No registration. No airplanes. No hotels. No rental car.

While you sit at home, on a Sunday afternoon, drinking a beer.

Of course, nothing can completely replace the face to face interaction at a real conference. But in these “hard times” and with the technologies like flip cameras making video ubiquitous, it’s a damn good alternative.

It should be interesting to see what comes of DVCon, SNUG, and DAC this year in this regard. My prediction is that you will see an explosion of coverage. Videos (authorized and pirated) of presentations and floor and suite demos and interviews on flip cameras. Blog posts. Twitter feeds with customer hashtags.

What do you think?

harry the ASIC guy

SaaS EDA Roundtable at DVCON

Friday, January 16th, 2009

I’m arranging for a meeting room for an EDA SaaS roundtable discussion at DVCon in San Jose sometime between Feb 24 - Feb 26.  What I need is some volunteers to help me organize this event. For instance:

  • What will be the format and topics for discussion?
  • Who will be the key participants?
  • What do we hope to get out of this event?
  • Who is bringing the refreshments?

If you are concerned about the time commitment, I think it will be fairly minimal.  I was part of a group that helped organize the Blogger Birds of a Feather session at DAC last year and it took about an hour on 3-4 Saturday mornings.

If you would like to be part of the planning for this event, please let me know.

Also, if your company would like to be part of the roundtable, please let me know as well.

harry the ASIC guy