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Dear Verizon

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

This is an actual email I sent to Verizon 2 days ago regarding an “issue” with their broadband service. I will post their reply in later posts. This is an “opportunity” for them to show how they “provide excellent service” to each customer, even little guys like me. If you are in a service business, like I am, there might also be some lessons to learn. Your comments and thoughts are welcome.


Dear Verizon, 

On the evening of March 9 at ~10pm, our DSL service stopped working. The following morning at ~8am, we contacted Verizon for technical support. We spoke to Ivan (empl # Z192506), who told us that the DSL service should still be active and offered to send us to DSL support.

However, before forwarding the call, he recommended that we upgrade to FIOS. I told him that I was interested, but that FIOS would take days and that I needed the internet connection up today. He was extremely pushy, several times refusing to forward my call until I agreed to upgrade. I finally told him that I was only interested in fixing my DSL at this time and that I wanted him to forward the call immediately, which he finally did.

When I spoke to DSL support, they told me that the DSL had been deactivated because an order for FIOS had been put in. I told them that I had not put in an order. They could not tell me who had put in the order, but it was scheduled for March 21, 11 days later. I pleaded with them that I had not put in this order and that I wanted the DSL turned back on, but they said they could not do that. Even if they did, they said it would take just as long to turn on DSL as to get FIOS. They suggested I talk to the billing department.

So, I called the billing department and spoke to a gentleman who confirmed that the FIOS had been ordered, but he said he could not see when or who ordered it. I asked several times to try to find out where this order originated, but he would not say. Instead, he kept telling me to “move on from here”, like he was my psychiatrist. I found his demeanor to be extremely rude, non-empathetic, and condescending. When I asked to talk to a supervisor, he claimed he was a supervisor. I asked him why the DSL had been turned off before the installation, and he said that this was a possibility and that Verizon made no guarantees as to how long DSL would stay active before FIOS was connected. I told him that, if true, that would be a horrible way to do business and that Verizon customers would all object, but again he kept making it seem like I was the problem because I would not just accept what was happening and go happily away.

Today (March 14) I called again and spoke to a gentleman named Harry (empl# V119648). Harry was very helpful. He confirmed the order for March 21, and also told me that it was Ivan (empl # Z192506) who had put in the order, DESPITE MY TELLING HIM NOT TO!!! Harry also told me that the order had been entered wrong, leaving the default to disconnect DSL immediately, rather than having it disconnected when FIOS was installed.

In the meantime, my wife and I have been using our iPhone Mobile Hotspots (from Verizon) to access the internet for our home computers. I don’t know if we are going to go over our 2G limit on our phone’s mobile hotspot data plans, but we really have no choice.

Here is what I am asking for:

1) Immediate restoration of our DSL service for the period between now and next Monday March 21 when FIOS is going to be installed. However, I still want the FIOS installation at this point to go forward on Monday.

2) Waiver of ALL installation charges for FIOS service, since we did not order it.

3) Credit for DSL service for the time between March 9 and the day we have FIOS installed.

4) Credit for any overage charges we incur on our cell phones in the interim period before FIOS is installed.

5) Written (on paper) apology for being given misleading information, for being signed up for FIOS without our permission, and for being treated with such lack of respect by Verizon.

My other recourse is to consider this transaction as fraud, and report it as such.

I await your response.

Harry Gries

Verizon Sucks! Oh…Did I Mention Verizon Sucks?

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

(When Seth Godin posted this today, I knew I needed to add my voice to the discussion).

This past Sunday was already a bad day.

My 4 year old son had decided this was the day he would be “age appropriate” and assert his independence. (I won’t capture the details here, lest some day he decide to run for President, only to have this post show up on CNN and derail his campaign). As a result, he was no longer going to Mathew’s party, and Joyce and I weren’t going to get that 2 hour break we needed.

Instead, while Nate pouted in the other room, I tried to catch up on writing my blog post for Monday. I was halfway done when the little green DSL light started to blink and the Internet light went dark. At first, no panic. I had become used to these intermittent outages, usually lasting 2-3 minutes. Time to grab a Cherry Coke Zero, check on Nate, and all would be well when I came back.

Not exactly. The lights were still out. After about an hour, I decided I needed to prepare myself for the ordeal that is “Verizon customer support”. I’d called Verizon about half a dozen times with similar issues and knew my day was not going to get any better.

1st: The dreaded Voice Response System. After 30 years of using a touch tone phone, I know where the keys are, and so do most people. But instead of getting my customer info from my CallerID and routing met to a real person, I had to speak my way through 7 levels of voice response.


“My phone number”


“Repair and Tech Support”




2nd: The dreaded wait on hold while listening to really bad music. The only break in the music was the voice interrupting every 20 seconds to tell me that my wait would be less than 10 minutes. Oh, and that I could get online support at the Verizon Web site. Duh!

3rd: 25 minutes later, a real person, who needs to once again verify my phone number and identity. After explaining the problem, he insists that I reboot my modem before he continue. Of course, having used Verizon before and being a hardware designer, that was the first thing I did. But he would not proceed unless I gave it one more try.

4th: “Do you have filters on the other lines?” “No, my filters somehow magically removed themselves from where they were a few hours ago”. I was getting annoyed now.

5th: “Maybe it’s your jack”. I knew it was not, but he was not going to help me until I went through the motions. So he had me crawl under the desk and disconnect the modem and reconnect in the living room to another jack. This took me 5 minutes…no difference. Then another 5 minutes to put the modem back where it was.

6th: “Could it be a problem on Verizon’s end?” I asked. “We’d know immediately if we had a problem in your area and there is no problem”.

7th: “We’ll send a technician out tomorrow. Please hold while I get dispatch on the line. It will be about 5 minutes”.

8th: 15 minutes later, “the dispatch computer system is down, so I can’t put you in touch with them. I’ll put this in as high priority and you’ll be called back within half an hour to schedule an appointment”

9th: 2 hours later, I get a call that someone will be out between 8am and 5pm. Yah, like we’ll sit home waiting all day. I ask them to call ahead and they say they’ll call half an hour before they come.

10th: 15 minutes later I get an automated call telling me that my issue was resolved. I look at the blinking DSL light and the black Internet light and say “NO”. OK, they’ll still come out.

11th: Late afternoon Monday, Joyce, who is trying to launch a new business (shameless plug), calls to see where they are. (See 1-3 above, except add in talking to someone in India who evidently had never heard numbers spoken out loud). “They came by at 12:10 and nobody was there”. Not true, she was there. In any case, they had determined that the problem was on Verizon’s end, despite their original assurance to the contrary (see #6), and it was fixed. Indeed, solid green lights.

12th: Since Monday, the outage seems to have been resolved, but it’s back to the 2-3 minute intermittent outages. So I call up again and this time speak to Derrick. He reads or recites from memory the standard excuses:

“It could be thunderstorms”.

“This is LA…we have 2 thunderstorms a year.”

“Could be that we were doing an upgrade”

“Several times a day”?

In any case, I insist that they open a ticket and someone tell me why my connection is so intermittent and fix it.

“You’ll be contacted within 48 hours.” Ticket # 197518950

Stay Tuned.

harry the ASIC guy