** FREE ** Conferences

How much would you pay to be in the audience for some of the most thought provoking conference presentations from some of the greatest minds in the world. Here’s your ticket.

It’s FREE … completely FREE.

No registration. No airplanes. No hotels. No rental car.

While you sit at home, on a Sunday afternoon, drinking a beer.

Of course, nothing can completely replace the face to face interaction at a real conference. But in these “hard times” and with the technologies like flip cameras making video ubiquitous, it’s a damn good alternative.

It should be interesting to see what comes of DVCon, SNUG, and DAC this year in this regard. My prediction is that you will see an explosion of coverage. Videos (authorized and pirated) of presentations and floor and suite demos and interviews on flip cameras. Blog posts. Twitter feeds with customer hashtags.

What do you think?

harry the ASIC guy

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2 Responses to “** FREE ** Conferences”

  1. James Colgan says:

    Thanks Harry – very cool!

    Now, if anyone out there wants this for EDA go to http://www.xuropa.com.

    Create your own Online Kiosk, upload your video, datasheets, presentations, activate it, send out an email blast to let everyone know, and you’re done – for FREE!

    It’s free, it’s all electronic design, and you have complete control of your content all the time.

    Just sign-in and click on “Create your own kiosk”.

    – James

  2. Maèstro says:

    James Colgan has a good idea above. For one thing, since attendance is low and there is a chance my message (as a vendor’s marketing manager) could get altered or at least diluted through someone else, it would behoove these conferences to offer an online presence through Xuropa so those attendees attending online can get the first-hand unaltered messages direct from the vendors.

    Nothing replaces face-to-face …. if face-to-face is not going to happen (i.e. have you seen how low the attendance in these conferences has been?!!) an online presence (and by that that I don’t’ mean a conference website, I mean a web2.0 presence where everyone’s engaged rather than broadcasted to) is a very close substitute.

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