Dear H. Gries

Below is the response I received 2 days after my original email to Verizon. As you can see, no change on my end at this point. I’m not too happy, but what do you think?


Dear H. Gries,

Thank you for choosing Verizon. I have received your email dated 3/14/11 regarding your request to handle your concerns over a DSL technical issue that you were trying to report when an order was placed to remove your DSL and add Fios to your home. My name is Janine, and I will be happy to assist you.

We apologize for the delay in our response and regret any inconvenience to you.

I understand how important it is to be treated with respect and handle your concern efficiently.

We always welcome feedback from our customers and we appreciate your comments. We apologize for any difficulties you have experienced.

We constantly review our processes and procedures to determine where we can improve upon the Verizon customer experience. Customer feedback is vital to our business. Thank you for taking the time to offer your comments.

I am researching your online issue immediately. I have contacted our DSL escalation party to see if she can run your service back in immediately. Once I hear back from her, I will contact you back with her answer.

Although additional follow-up is needed, it has been my goal today to address your concerns related to the problems you have experienced. I hope I have succeeded in meeting that goal. In the meantime, if you have any other questions, please let us know. We look forward to serving you.

Thank you for using Verizon. We appreciate your business.

Verizon eCenter

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3 Responses to “Dear H. Gries”

  1. I think you deserve the requests you made. However your letter seems confrontational. Agreeing with them on some points could get better results. Saying how useful ADSL has been, suggest that Ivan may be new or had a bad day, ect. As you did saying that Harry was helpful. Also, I would have waited before threatening them with fraud.

    Although the e-mail response looks like a template, it tries to get your side by saying they are glad to receive your complaints or feedback.

    I hope your issue gets resolved fully and quickly.

  2. Liz says:

    I happen to think that your email, Harry, was right on the mark—very thorough and your requests warranted.

    I think, as customers, we have a right to complain about poor customer service (not to mention interruption of a needed service by said company), without having to sugar coat it.

    What really bugs me is that certain customer service reps have this attitude that they could never do anything wrong, nor could their company, and thus don’t bother to look any further into it. That’s not what I would call customer service. I’d call that employer service.

    Now Employee Harry seemed helpful in giving you an explanation as to what had happened, but not so helpful in resolving the problem. I’m curious what his excuse was.

    And the response from Janine seems like a brush off to me, but I hope I’m wrong.

  3. Hi Harry,

    Sucks to get bad support if you spend your days giving support to customers, doesn’t it?

    Janine’s mail sounds like it is 80% corporate copied-and-pasted-be-nice-to-this-difficult-customer. Since it is so formal and inpersonal, I bet that it will probably not make you feel any better, nor will it make you feel like like a “valued customer”. In fact, if I read stuff like this, it drives me crazy. No issues have been addressed, she just clicked the “escalate” button.

    It would be good if CEO Ivan Seidenberg worked at the customer support department for a few days each month. Craig Newmark still works on his customer service team!

    Harry, if ever in the future the customer service of my company gets below standards, please point me to this post. You know I would do the same for you.

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