about harry

As a veteran ASIC designer … EDA applications engineer … consultant … project manager … biz dev manager … I’ve played a variety of key roles in the development of dozens of complex ASICs and SoCs. I’ve seen the industry from many perspectives … technical, managerial, financial…and I’ve seen what it takes to be successful and how little it takes to fail.

But, what fascinates me the most is the people. It’s the reason I left a desk job doing hands-on design at TRW to become an applications engineer at Synopsys working with people. And with the advent of new internet technologies (Open Source, Web 2.0 …) the people are becoming even more important as they find new ways to work together and support each other. And turn the industry on it’s head.

Still, I don’t hear much about the people aspects of ASIC design from EDA vendors or trade publications … it doesn’t sell tools or subscriptions. And I don’t read much from the other industry blogs, many of them excellent for sure, as they focus more narrowly on rapidly evolving EDA technologies like verification.

For this reason, I started theASICguy.com … to share my insights into the people aspects of ASIC engineering for those who, like me, feel they are under-valued. I hope you find these insights to be thought-provoking and of practical value and I welcome your insights and comments. After all, several thousand heads are better than one 🙂

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