This page contains disclosure of relevant relationships I have with companies or entities in the EDA or semiconductor industry. Although I try to make my blog as unbiased as possible, still you should know that the potential for unintentional bias exists. You may want to take that into account when reading my blog.

  1. As of July 27th, Xuropa is a client of mine. I work for them part-time as social media advisor and customer support engineer.
  2. I was an employee of Synopsys from 1992 to 2006, working there as an AE, consultant, and in various management and business development roles in the professional services organization.
  3. On occasion I will embed “affiliate links” to sites like Amazon. The amount of money I expect to get from these links is pretty small (I haven’t seen anything as of 3/15/10). I only link to books that I write about in my blogs and never write about books just to make money off it. If you think I’m linking to that site just to make 4% off of your purchase, go directly to the Amazon site and buy the book.

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